Snow Guarantee

Megeve is low isn't it - will there be snow?  This is our most often-asked question.

Yes, Megeve is low, but its proximity to Mont Blanc gives it much better snow than most other resorts at the same altitude.

Another often-forgotten factor is that high resorts are frequently closed due to high winds and avalanche risk, or the skiing is miserable in white-out conditions. Most years we find half of Chamonix skiing in Megeve from time-to time, because the Chamonix resorts are closed. The tree level skiing in Megeve provides shelter and visibility.

Also, much of the skiing is on pasture, so we don't need a lot of snow, unlike many of the high resorts which need a metre to cover the rocks!

Usually there are good snowfalls in April and you may be aware that snow conditions last season were AWESOME.

So overall, we think that Megeve has as many good skiing days between Christmas and mid-April as any other resort.

However, to give you peace of mind we offer a snow guarantee.

If, in our judgement, too few runs are open for reasonable skiing, we will provide transport to a nearby resort.

This service covers transport only; you may incur extra lift pass costs. We provide this guarantee for a £10 supplement payable at the time of booking. Otherwise you may incur costs in Megeve of up to £15 per day, depending on where we go.

Snow Report

What’s going on on the pistes?   Check out the snow report for detailed information.

Snow Report