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Megève Tourism’s commitment - a number of good practices

In July 2007 Megève Tourism was the first tourist office in France to be certified ISO 14001 (an environmental management standard). Today, respect of the environment is no longer simply a debating issue. Many national companies and communities have included this concept into their policy. It is not always easy to define the areas where we can best make improvements concerning environmental issues, but it is clearly visible in and around Megève that they are taking into account the impact  activities have on the local environment.  In 2020 Megeve was also added to the Flocon Vert accreditation scheme showing committment to concrete initiatives for sustainable developement.  It is only the 7th credited resort!

Examples of good practices in Megeve...

The Sports Centre

A pioneer in the use of renewable energy, the Sports Centre has been using solar panels and a hydroelectric turbine for 40 years! Could it have unknowingly been one of the first HQE (High quality environmental) buildings in France? Since the most recent renovations, the swimming pool has been heated by heat that is produced when making ice for the skating rink. The Sports Centre is planning to cover its entire roof with solar panels.

Ashtrays and poop-scoopers

Supplementary ashtrays and poop-scooper disposal bags have been installed in the village (a leaflet giving poop-scooper distribution points is available from Megève Tourism). This is handy for the many (albeit well trained) hand bag doggies you'll see in and around Megeve!


In continuing efforts to preserve and respect the Environment, the Meg-bus vehicles in service conform to the Euro 5 standards. The vehicles run on natural gas and polluting discharges are thus limited with a reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides and particles in the air. The drivers are trained to eco-driving. Free in the winter and €1 in the summer (or free with a Megève Pass) to and from;

  • Rochebrune

  • Mont d’Arbois

  • Cote2000

  • Jaillet

  • Facilibus Station

Whether you are an inhabitant, holiday-home owner or tourist, you can now pre book a shuttle bus to drive you in and around Megève. Visit the Megeve Tourism website to find out more.

Lift companies

The companies

that manage ski lifts Rochebrune-Mont d’Arbois and Jaillet, conform to the ISO 14001 standard (International standard). This winter the snow groomers will be fitted with a sonar that allows them to measure the depth of snow to optimise grooming of the slopes.

Other Actions

  • Keep our mountains clean - The mountain clean up operation every May.
  • Environmental impact taken into account in the reconstruction of the Super Megève restaurant in Rochebrune, and the Tourist Office reception area.

  • Snow clearing on the roads: using brine that reduces the quantity of salt used by 30

  • Save energy by using led lights on the Christmas tree on the Church Square and for the Christmas decorations on the main road.

  • Megève’s 4th award confirmed in 2010 by the jury of the National Towns and villages in bloom council.

  • The “Water in the Mountains” Observatory: Megève is the host site of the European Alp Water programme. Following the General Assembly of Water in the Mountains organised in Megève in September 2010 with the International Water Commission contest, the idea of a permanent Observatory for mountain water was born. See the website

  • Staff of Megève Tourism has the use of an electric bicycle for short journeys and another electric bicycle is also available at the tourist office reception, for visitors wishing to try out this form of ecologic transport.
  • Waste sorting containers (Mazots) on the mountain to help you dispose of your rubbish and recycle protecting the mountain environment.

Examples of good practice by Stanford Skiing...

In Megeve resort

  • Low-wattage LED light bulbs are used wherever possible.

  • We maintain strict recycling regimes in our chalet kitchens.

  • All beer and wine bottles go back to suppliers for recycling and all crates get re-used.

  • We only use recycled kitchen roll and are using biodegradable sanitary bags 

  • We don’t launder towels daily unless requested.

  • Staff reuse surplus toiletry items that have been left behind by guests – shampoos, shower gels and anything that would otherwise go to waste.

  • We use a local fresh fruit and veg supplier to minimise mileage on produce and use free-range eggs in all properties.

  • We installed double-glazing in the hotels in 2015 to improve insulation and heating efficiency.
  • All returned ski-pass cards get recycled once guests leave


In our UK office

  • All paper and cardboard is reused wherever possible or otherwise recycled.
  • Systems have been changed from paper usage to digital wherever possible to reduce paper wastage.
  • Low-wattage LED light bulbs are used and electrical items are switched off when not in use.
  • Office staff are recruited from nearby locations and in fact live on site and next door therefore reducing our carbon footprint!
  • Chemical cleaning products are used sparingly.

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