Snow Report

The 2018/19 Season

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 11.31.26.png

12th November 2019  Amazing early snow fall and plenty more forecast for the rest of the week! Here's looking forward to an amazing season! Picture taken at Mont D'Arbois today!


April 4th 2019 - Another powder day.  Amazing skiing.  See here for youtube video.  Not sure how much on the slopes but looks like thigh high powder!


18th March 2019 - Powder day again!  Another 10-15cm on the slopes.  Lovely.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 19.12.33.png

14 March 2019 - did someone order more snow????  Coming right up and even down to town level.  There's loads of the stuff.  Hard to believe there's only 4 weeks left of the season isn't it!


March 12th 2019 - another 10cm of snow on the slopes.  Lovely tracks.  There's another 50cm forecast over the next few days!


5th March - More fresh snow.  Another 10cm and wonderful conditions. 


2nd March 2019 - Lovely off-piste this morning with 15cm snow overnight.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 13.59.55.png

Feb 11th 2019 - another 20cm or so on the slopes at least and now the sun is out for the rest of the week.  Fantastic!

Jaillet Face Megeve.JPG

2 February.  The first sunny morning for a while.  It seems to have been snowing continuously for days and we've probably had 70-80 cm in town. Lots of untracked snow for off-piste skiers -   I skied the Jaiilet face this morning (see above).  The pistes are all in perfect condition.  It clouded over this afternoon - more snow forecast.

Snow 31st Jan(4).png

31st Jan 2019 - So much snow now we've stopped measuring!  We had to get the big snowplough to clear the drive to the Sylvana.  Really great piste and off-piste conditions


28th January 2019 - 20cm of snow at village level last night and loads more on the mountain.  Another 50cm forecast this week.  A wonderful powder day!


18th January 2019 - Another sprinkling of snow on the slopes and it's really cold.  Beautiful conditions & empty pistes!


15th January 2019 - Beautiful conditions in Megeve.  We had around 30-50cm fall on the slopes over the weekend so fantastic skiing!

Megeve empty pistes.JPG

11 January 2019 - perfect skiing day. New snow, cold and sunshine.  Still untracked powder to be found . This is the Petite Fontain Piste at 10.15 this morning.  Megeve Pistes are empty in January!

More snowy Megeve.png

9th January 2019 - Lovely start to the  New Year.  20cm of snow in Megeve overnight and beautiful powder skiing today.  More forecast at the weekend!

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