Snow Report

The 2018/19 Season


April 4th 2019 - Another powder day.  Amazing skiing.  See here for youtube video.  Not sure how much on the slopes but looks like thigh high powder!


18th March 2019 - Powder day again!  Another 10-15cm on the slopes.  Lovely.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 19.12.33.png

14 March 2019 - did someone order more snow????  Coming right up and even down to town level.  There's loads of the stuff.  Hard to believe there's only 4 weeks left of the season isn't it!


March 12th 2019 - another 10cm of snow on the slopes.  Lovely tracks.  There's another 50cm forecast over the next few days!


5th March - More fresh snow.  Another 10cm and wonderful conditions. 


2nd March 2019 - Lovely off-piste this morning with 15cm snow overnight.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 13.59.55.png

Feb 11th 2019 - another 20cm or so on the slopes at least and now the sun is out for the rest of the week.  Fantastic!

Jaillet Face Megeve.JPG

2 February.  The first sunny morning for a while.  It seems to have been snowing continuously for days and we've probably had 70-80 cm in town. Lots of untracked snow for off-piste skiers -   I skied the Jaiilet face this morning (see above).  The pistes are all in perfect condition.  It clouded over this afternoon - more snow forecast.

Snow 31st Jan(4).png

31st Jan 2019 - So much snow now we've stopped measuring!  We had to get the big snowplough to clear the drive to the Sylvana.  Really great piste and off-piste conditions


28th January 2019 - 20cm of snow at village level last night and loads more on the mountain.  Another 50cm forecast this week.  A wonderful powder day!


18th January 2019 - Another sprinkling of snow on the slopes and it's really cold.  Beautiful conditions & empty pistes!


15th January 2019 - Beautiful conditions in Megeve.  We had around 30-50cm fall on the slopes over the weekend so fantastic skiing!

Megeve empty pistes.JPG

11 January 2019 - perfect skiing day. New snow, cold and sunshine.  Still untracked powder to be found . This is the Petite Fontain Piste at 10.15 this morning.  Megeve Pistes are empty in January!

More snowy Megeve.png

9th January 2019 - Lovely start to the  New Year.  20cm of snow in Megeve overnight and beautiful powder skiing today.  More forecast at the weekend!

Snow in Megeve today.png

20th December 2018 - more fresh snow fell last night and it's a beautiful day today.  Another 10cm or so in town and 30cm or so up top.  There must be around a metres base now.  Looks wonderful out there.  I can't wait!

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