Snow Report

The 2020/21 Season

First snow in Megeve

4th November 2021.  Lovely early snowfall in Megeve.  It was snowing even down to village level.  It's getting cold out there!


Snow report Megeve 2020/21 - The Season that never was!

The short version is it snowed and snowed and snowed.  One of the best seasons ever for powder snow and we all missed it.  The snow started early Dec and I'm still getting snow alerts now in mid-May!  Admittedly not down to village level but still.  Certainly mid-April when the season finishes there was heaps of snow.  For a much more in depth report read our resort manager's blog here.


5th March 2020 - did someone order more snow????  Loads of the white stuff out there now.  It's been snowing off and on for the last two weeks and it's forecast to continue well into next week.  Lovely!


February 27th 2020 - best day of the season so far.  At least 40cm in the town and much more on the slopes.  Great powder conditions.  It's forecast to snow off and on for the next week so plenty of snow to keep us going until the end of the season.


11th February 2020 - Another freshner for the slopes.  Silky smooth skiing on and off piste.


6th Feb 2020 - Lovely off-piste today with 20cm or so overnight.  Nice light snow and even skied down to Le Planellet and back to Megeve under the Chamois!  The sun came out and it was glorious.

Snow 30th Jan.png

Jan 29th 2020 - 50cm or so of snow on the slopes and in the town.  Fantastic conditions.  The snow is so deep that off-piste is impossible on shallower slopes, you need a black slope or above to get any speed up.  Skied right back into the town down the Calvaire.

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