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Forfaits Evasion Mont Blanc lift pass prices for 2018/9.

   No. of days       Adult       Child (5-14)       Over 65   
1 €49.50 €40.00


2 €92.50 €74.50




4 €171.50 €137.50


5 €217.00 €174.00


6 €242.50

4 Hour Ski Pass

Local area passes are available for 4 consecutive hours, however, if you are in Megeve for at least 3 days it is not usually worth buying a 4 hour pass. The price for 3 days is only marginally more than 2 days plus 4 hours.

Four hour passes: €45 adults, €36.50 children.

Pedestrian Ski Pass

Megeve has a pedestrian skipass covering the principal skilifts. This permits non-skiers to walk the mountain ridges and to meet their skiing friends and family for lunch.

The prices are: 1 day - €20, 6 days - €80.

(All of the above prices include a €2 non-refundable fee for the smart lift pass card).

Family Discounts

There is a 10% discount available when purchasing 4 or more passes for a family with a minimum of 2 children.

Please note that there are discounted rates on all of these prices from 15th to 21st December, 2018 and 30th March to 14th April, 2019. See our Special Offers page for more information.

Equipment hire

We have negotiated special prices for our guests at two top ski equipment shops. The special Stanford prices are lower than special internet deals and the ski shops we have selected are close to our chalets and the ski lifts of Megeve.  Henry Sports and Ski Concept have "consignes", which means you can leave your skis and boots at their shops next to the ski lift and walk to and from skiing in your ordinary boots and not have to carry your skis.

The table below shows our discounted rates for the 2018/2019 season. All prices shown are in Euros.

  • Junior at Ski Concept is 12-15 years: there are cheaper options available for 7-11 years.
  • Junior at Henry Sports is less than 150cm tall: there are cheaper options available for less than 110cm tall.
  • Ski Concept is located at the foot of the Chamois gondola and has a "consigne" where you can leave skis and boots. Best for chalet Rond Point and apartments Roseau and Centrale and central hotels. Their prices include ski insurance and the "consigne". You can book on-line to get our prices. Quote STANFORD.
  • Henry Sports is located next to the Rochebrune cable car and has a "consigne". Ideal for chalets Sylvana and Les Clochettes and the Sporting apartments. You can book on-line. Quote STANFORD.
Euros   Ski Concept

Ski Concept

Henry Sports Henry Sports
    3 days

6 days

3 days 6 days
Adult Beginner Skis only 43.35 79.90 40 74

Adult Beginner

Skis & Boots 74 132.60 63 117
Adult Intermediate Skis only 63.80 117.30 57 104
Adult Intermediate Skis & Boots 94.50 170 80 145
Adult Advanced Skis only 81.60 147.90 71 130
Adult Advanced Skis & Boots 112.20 200.60 99 180
Adult Premium Skis only - - 99 180
Adult Premium Skis & Boots - - 126 230
Junior Skis only 27.20
Up to 150cm
Up to 150cm
Up to 150cm
Up to 150cm
Junior Skis & Boots 44.20
Up to 150cm
Up to 150cm
Up to 150cm
Up to 150cm
Child Skis only 19.55
Up to 110cm
Up to 110cm
Up to 110cm
Up to 110cm
Child Skis & Boots 31.50
Up to 110cm
Up to 110cm
Up to 110cm
Up to 110cm


NB. If special promotional prices are lower, Stanford guests receive the lowest.
 There's usually a 50% reduction for Children & Juniors towards the end of March.

Boot sizes - Men 6(40), 7(41), 8(42), 9(43), 10(44) Women: 4(36), 5(37.5), 6(39), 7(40.5)

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