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Getting to Megeve is easy - fly, train, drive

The easiest way to get to Megeve is to fly to Geneva.  There are direct flights from about 20 UK airports and numerous other countries so if you're prepared to search, there are some great deals to be had this time of year. We can arrange your transfers between the airport and Megeve in one of our minibuses or with one of our partner transfer companies. The journey takes only 75 minutes in normal conditions.

If you prefer, you could travel by train to Sallanches (the nearest station to Megeve) and we will collect you. Or if you fancy having use of your own car it's an easy drive from the UK - motorway all the way except the last 10 miles. 

Whichever option you chose, see below for further information or get in touch with our UK office for advice.

Airport Transfers

For the winter season 2019-20, we have entered into a partnership with one of the major airport transfer operators to ensure your speedy transfer between Geneva airport and Megeve. We also have our own minibuses to cover peak periods and emergencies.  We offer two types of service:

Shared Transfers £28 each way

Several parties of guests may travel in the same vehicle.  We plan for no guest whose flight arrives on time to have to wait for more than an hour at the airport.  If your flight is late and your planned transfer has left, the increased capacity that our partnership brings means that we will have the flexibility to reschedule and get you to Megeve as quickly as possible.

Private Transfers

Your transfer will be planned to depart 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival of your flight.  The driver will wait for up to an hour for delayed flights.  After then we may have to reschedule or ask you to share a vehicle with other guests to get you to Megeve as quickly as possible.

Similarly, if there are flight delays or other operational problems, we reserve the right to fill any spare seats on your private transfer with guests who have been delayed.    Prices for Private transfers each way are as follows:

       1 - 8 passengers £200,  1-13 passengers £300,  1-16 Passengers £390.

Airport Waiting Times

Shared transfers For shared transfers our aim is that you should not have to wait on arrival for more than one hour. Our transport partner, will be running hourly direct services to Megeve at peak periods.  At other times,  if we do not have others booked at a similar time we may book you on an indirect service to take you close to Megeve and pick you up from there.  We find this will get you to Megeve more quickly. Our aim is to get you to Megeve within 2 1/2 hours of your flight landing. That said, our schedules are sometimes thwarted by flight delays and though we try to reschedule, we do not have infinite resources. In particular, if your flight is delayed, your vehicle may have left and you may have to wait until the next transfer.

On departure, we normally leave Megeve between 3 and 4 hours before your flight time. But for evening departures, we may ask you to leave at 16.30 (after a day's skiing), even if your flight is at 22:00 - the bars and shops at the airport are cheaper than Megeve!

Private Transfers For private transfers your driver will normally be waiting for you on arrival and will wait for one hour if your flight is delayed.  Your departure from Megeve will be timed as you wish but we must be advised of your wishes at least 1 week in advance. We do not advise leaving less than 3 hours before your flight departure. If you choose to do so, it is at your own risk.

Late or Early Transfers  We do not offer transfers departing Megeve before 5 am or departing Geneva after 22.00. 

Flight delays If your flight is late, your transfer may have to leave without you and you may have to wait.  We know that is very irritating when you have already been delayed and we will do our best to adjust our schedules.  

If you want an absolute guarantee that you will not have to wait on arrival, then you should take a taxi from the rank at the airport. This usually costs 250-350 Euros.

Travel Options - fly, train, drive

Flexible Flights

Geneva airport is 75 minutes away.  Please book your own flights, we can arrange airport transfers for you.  The following airlines fly to Geneva. On departure, we normally leave Megeve between 3 and 4 hours before your flight time. But for evening departures, we may ask you to leave at 16.30 (after a day's skiing), even if your flight is at 22:00 - the bars and shops at the airport are cheaper than Megeve!

Carrier UK Airports (direct flights) Website
Easyjet Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Stansted, Southend
British Airways Heathrow, Gatwick
Swiss Air London City, Heathrow, Manchester
Jet2 Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester
Blue Islands Guernsey, Jersey

Self Drive 

Megeve is 550 miles from Calais, all by motorway except the last 10 miles (see driving to Megeve).  Brief directions are: follow motorways, bypassing Reims, Troyes, Dijon, Dole, Bourg, Geneva.  Continue towards Chamonix until Sallanches, leave motorway and drive 13km up the hill.

You can book Eurotunnel tickets or ferry tickets (Ferry price comparison) via these links.


Megeve is also convenient from the UK by rail (you travel to Sallanches which is 20 minutes from Megeve and we pick you up from there). A new independent information website,, has specific rail journey details for Megeve.

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