Perfect Pistes in Megeve

01 March 2020

Despite poor snowfalls in the Alps the Megeve pistes have been good all season and the recent dump gave us a great off piste day with Stanford Skiing staff.
Top Field   Perfect Powder
Light silky powder - click for video highlights

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging but I have had a problem with my knee. The French doctor told me it was an old knee.   That made me feel a lot better!  Anyway I have bought some ski mojos (basically a sprung hinge which takes a lot of pressure off the knee) and I am now back on skis.
We had a huge dump of snow in December and then very little in January, though it was cold and sunny.  The pistes have been in amazing condition and I don't know how they manage to keep them so well.   Things have improved dramatically as we remember many years ago skiing over straw which covered the bare patches!  February we have had snow and, sadly, some rain, but again everything has been open except for the very lowest pistes eg the bottom half of the Princess bubble.
This week we've had a good amount of snow.  Wednesday morning John and I were out early and did the red Princess run which had fresh snow on the piste and was fantastic.   We got in the bubble and it stopped for about 20 minutes, and then crept very slowly up the mountain.   There had been a power cut everywhere and we were just grateful not to have been on a chair.  We skied down in a howling gale and horizontal snow and came home.
Thursday morning we were on the third bubble at Jaillet and skied the bowl at the top of the Christomet chair 5 times before 10.15!. We were first down at the beginning of the morning but it got tracked out very quickly.   Then we skied all the way down to the Cassioz bus through the trees and the meadows, came back up again and skied the face off piste down to the road in a blizzard and nil visibility and came home.
Yesterday was bright and sunny and all the French came out to play.  Steve (deputy resort manager) and Josh (apartment rep) joined us eventually.   They didn't make the first lift so that was a black mark. We decided to go over to Mont Joly and ignored the closed sign as it was due to open.   So we, and about 20 others, waited at the bottom for about 40 minutes for it to open.   The pisteurs were checking avalanche danger and when they arrived told us what was off limits.  But we got a terrific first run, the second run was a bit more tracked but then we hit a mammoth queue.

Off piste in Megeve 28Feb20.jpg

After lunch at the Gouet we skied home through the woods to Planellet - only three others had done it before us! That was great fun.  John and I were exhausted and my knee is hurting somwe are taking today off.  Bon ski!!!  Click here for video highlights 

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