Megeve Off-piste 25 Jan

25 January 2019

Still some hardly tracked fields to be found

Starting back to Megeve.JPGWe are back in Megeve after Kathryn's knee arthroscopy, but she wont be skiing for a while.  Its very cold - minus 10 this morning and has been all week so although it hasn't snowed much for a week, there are still some places which are not heavily tracked.

Today I skied the Mont Rosset field on the right, but that has an easy exit so had been skiied quite a lot, but the small field below, which not too many people know, had no new tracks at all. Snow was wonderful, cold and fluffy.  Then I skied the left hand which was much less tracked - see picMont Rosset Field.JPG.   After that I decided to ski back to Megeve via Planalet.  You have to know your way through the trees (and we dont tell the Chamonix guides who come here whenever Chamonix is closed).  Anyway, I got to the top field and noone had been there for days.  There were about a dozen tracks filled with new snow, but it was easy to find a line. Then through the trees and the bottom field was magical - about 50 turns in untracked fluffy powder.

Then crossed the road and skied back to the centre of Megeve - a bit tracked but not bad.   Great morning. Kathryn was jealous.


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