Last Gasp - end of season

17 March 2020

The lifts were closed and Megeve was in lockdown from midday, so John & K, co-owners of Stanford skinned up from Cote 2000 and skiied back to Rochebrune.
Petite Fontaine 17Mar20
This was the best bit. Click below for the video.

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John decided that he wanted a last ski, though the lifts were closed.  So we got Steve to drive us to Cote 2000, put on our skins and trudged uphill, past the Radaz, past the tunnel, past the Pre-Rossett restaurant to the top of the Lanchettes lift.

At the bottom a young man put on his skis, and in two steps was past us.  As we toiled upwards he skied past on the way down.  It took us 1.45 minutes.   It probably took him 45.  We passed lots of pisteurs taking down the posts and signs who all smiled at us.   At the top a pisteur told  me to ski very carefully as the helicopter was not flying.  That made me feel good! 

Anyway we skied down to the Jardin lift and then to the Petit Fontaine piste, up the track underneath the Petit Fontaine snack bar and across to La Tour.

We then had to walk along the road to the top of the Chamois lift where we skied down to Rochebrune.  It took about 25 minutes.  Rather more pain than gain.  

Sadly the only nice bit of piste we found was on Petit Fontaine.   A lot of the rest had been chewed up by machines.  

Here is a video of the best bit.  I was skiing slowly to maximise the value of the hard slog up.

Still, importantly we got our fresh air and exercise and got home before the midday curfew.
Let's hope for a better season next year.

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