Megeve Snow Reports

12th December, 2017

Sooo much snow!

We're thrilled and very excited that there is SNOW EVERYWHERE! with meter deep snow up at Cotes 2000 and plenty more forecast right down to town level

The locals were queuing up on Friday evening at the lift offices to purchase their passes for the weekend and fantastic conditions are being reported across resort

The ceremony for the lighting of the Christmas tree took place on Saturday evening - very spectacular! Plus all the staff have arrived and are preparing for the arrival of our guests (and hopefully getting a little skiing in too!)

If you haven't already booked for this season, NOW IS THE TIME! We've some fantastic deals and now that the snow has truly arrived, we're filling up fast

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8th December, 2017

Another 40cm or snow has fallen or so and more due over the weekend.  It's setting up a great base & lifts open tomorrow!

28th November - Even more early snow!


Around 20cm more fell on the slopes over the weekend and a good few inches down in town as well.  There's more forecast this week.  It's cold out there and the snow cannon are going so looking promising for Christmas and New Year!


13th November, 2017


Around 6 inches fell in town last night, we had to dig out the vans.  Loads more on the slopes.  Skiing not open yet but I guess some lucky people will hike up there!


23rd October, 2017



Always lovely to see the first snowfall of the year.  It snowed briefly even in town and gave us a nice covering on the hills.  It won't last yet but gets us all in the mood!

26th March, 2017


We've had some snow fall overnight even down to town level which has given a nice freshen up to the pistes.  It's spring skiing with long sunny days and the snow is slushy by the afternoon so ski a long morning, have a nice late lunch in the sun on the terrace and ski home after lunch.  Glorious!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.52.18.png

7th March, 2017

More and more snow.  This is the most snow we've had in town for around 4 years.  Huge amounts.  More is forecast for Sunday so really great conditions.  This gate is normally full height.  If we're not careful, we're going to have to crawl through it!  It's going to be a brilliant end to the season.


5th March, 2017

It snowed a little overnight about 10cm but was very windy so the depth varied. It stopped for about 3 hours this morning and the sun came out but it remained very windy.  Then the next storm came in at about 2pm - snowing heavily to resort level this afternoon and forecast to continue for several days.  Pistes are perfect.  Off piste a bit heavy but getting better.  This picture is Mont Joli mid morning.   

Mont Joli 5Mar17.jpg

4 March, 2017

Mixed weather the past few days - one warm sunny day and today very windy.  This evening it has started to snow again - forecast 10-20cm overnight with about 40cm more over the next few days.

1 March, 2017

It started snowing on the mountain 2 days ago and hasn't stopped. Still snowing in town at 8pm this evening. Today there was 40 - 50cm new snow on the mountain and 15-20cm in town.   So it was a perfect skiing day but only about 5% sunshine.  Forecast is for more snow, heaviest next Sunday.

Kathryn on bridans 1March17.jpg

 Above is a pic of Kathryn skiing the Bridans piste - which as you can see hadn't been pisted.

28th February, 2017

Started snowing on the mountain yesterday evening and continued all night. Snowing in Megeve, this afternoon down to village level.  It's very windy out there but should calm down tomorrow. 

17th Febuary, 2017

It hasn't snowed for a week but most of the pistes are in perfect condition. Today was sunny in the morning but clouded over later - maybe a little new snow coming - forecast uncertain.  Its school holidays for Paris, UK and most of Europe, so the really popular easy-to-reach pistes are a bit busy but you can get away and find deserted pistes.  

Olympique St Nicholas Megeve.jpg

The key to french holiday skiing in Megeve is to get up early - the Parisians don't really get going until 11, so the first 2 hours are great.  The picture above is the Olympique piste in the St Nicholas area, taken at about 11.30.

9th Febuary, 2017

The sun finally came out for a few hour this morning.  We had about 50cm new snow in the past week and the pistes are now perfect and its getting colder again making the off-piste lighter.  There is still plenty of untracked snow. Below is a pic of Kathryn this morning. 

K off piste 090217.png

It's the first week of the Paris holidays but the slopes are not crowded.  Perhaps the Parisians have been put off by the poor early season snow and decided not to come.  On our home page there is a picture of the Cote 2000 lift at 1pm - all the seats empty. We skied straight onto lifts all morning, not even a hint of a queue.

5th Febuary, 2017

Started snowing again sometime during the night and snowed all day.  About 30-40cm on the mountain since Friday.  Here is a picture in the old town at lunchtime.

4th February, 2017

About 15cm of fresh snow last night and snowing this morning.  Very windy.  Sunny spell late morning but clouded over by lunchtime.  More snow forecast tonight, tomorrow and for most of next week. Great piste skiing and some off-piste.  This pic is actually on a piste, groomed last night but well covered this morning. Everything fully open, except some lifts stopped because of the wind this morning.

Chamonix Meteo

Good short term weather forecast.  Reasonably reliable.


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